About Language Today

Thank you for visiting this blog. My intentions for this blog is to encourage those in the education and outside the education sector to look at language from not just inside but outside the classroom as well. That may seem very generic because for those readers who teach a language, be it foreign, indigenous, sign, classical, etc. they will do what is necessary to relate language to real life. However there are just some circumstances that you can not relate into a classroom – such as applying for a job, school program, etc.

If you are a language teacher, think about this: how many of your students are really interested in learning a foreign language, a heritage language, learning English or insert other language here? For those students who are going to college and feel that after two years of high school foreign language is enough, how do you show them the relevance of a language in their chosen field?

I realize that not everyone has an interest in language. That’s fine. What I would like to see happen is teachers, professionals from all specialized areas outside of education (linguistics, intercultural studies, business, medicine, publication, art, religion, history etc) can find relevancy in language studies and go further above and beyond the textbook and basic research projects.

Some of this may require your help. I am not an expert but I am willing to learn. I am willing to bet, though that you are on the same page. With that said, we can learn from each other. Enjoy your visit to this blog.


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