The Reality of the Matter…

Hello, it’s been too long since I have been on WordPress to update this blog. So, I think it is fair to let you know why. I have taken a position as a first grade ESL teacher at Egypt Central Elementary. I love it! There many challenges that I am working with but I have learned so much in just a month. Also, I have come to appreciate my past teachers in grade school and what their daily tasks may or may not have included.

I can say that I have made at least 1,000 mistakes. Here are some tidbits for those you looking teaching positions. Keep these questions in mind when you are applying and interviewing for work. This will help inform you as to how you approach your first few days of work, if you get hired.

  • Ask about the ELDA testing procedures. Some schools will send a proctor to administer the test. Others will have the teachers, themselves, administer the test.
  • Once you find out what grade you will be working with, immediately start looking up what are the main areas of focus for that area(my mistake #1). This will make developing your curriculum go much smoother. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to look up the areas of focus for the next grade level that your students will advance to.
  • If you get hired in the middle of the semester, take time to look at the space in which you will be working. Make notes of what materials are available to you; if there are items not available, how could you substitute? Does your school have items that are not in use that you could use for as part of your class? Schools or certain board departments may set aside funds for teachers to get certain items. Find out who you need to speak with and prepare a reasonable list. If there are items that can be made, let’s be economical and make them instead of buying them.
  • Don’t get discouraged if your lessons go over the students’ heads, it just means you need to go back to the drawing board (and trust me, you will do that a lot).
  • Try your best to stay in contact with your students’ teachers. If you work together, the better it will be for the student.
I am still learning as I go along.  I will continue to post tips as I learn them. Starting next week, I will go back to making regular posts. This first month of teaching has been very inspirational and I have some ideas that are starting to flourish and hopefully, I will have time to develop the other big project that will be part of the Language Today Curricula. I will drop this hint. By December, Language Today will have its own YouTube page (and possibly a TeacherTube – ok, maybe I’m overreaching).

Until next time…


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