as a Language Tool

If you are into social networking sites that are strictly for the purpose of creating connections outside of the world wide web for a common cause should check out There are several thousands of groups. Many of those groups are dedicated to languages and / or cultures. For those of you who are not in school and are looking to improve your proficiency in a particular language, browse the area groups that are available and join. Meetup live meetings are scheduled and posted on the front of the particular Meetup group homepage. Members can RSVP and rate the live meetings.

Now in order to become a member of these groups, you must first create a profile on Don’t worry, it’s free. Choose your interest(s), zip code and/or city. Sometimes, the Meetup search will turn up groups that may be in a different region since some towns may not have certain groups. You have the option of searching groups 200 miles away. If you are the more trailblazing type, then you may consider starting your own group.

To start a group, there is a fee. You have three payment options: monthly, bimonthly, and semi-annually($72). The latter of the three is probably the best deal. The break down is $12 each month and renew after the 6 month period. As a group owner, you make groups open or private. You can appoint moderators. You can control file content. For example, if you are posting flyers about events not Meetup related but group related, you may post them in your file section. Surveys may be created. The number of meetings, events, and locations are up to the group owners and members.

Another really awesome feature for Meetup are the free market tools. There are name placards available for download. You may print labels on your home ink jet printer. There are banners and buttons that may be place on your group’s personal website, Facebook or Myspace.

Other features include a forum, meeting archives, guest-book, and a contact list. The rest of the work for Meetups is completely up to you.

One word of warning, if you are a group owner and want to step down, you will have to contact the Meetup administrators by telephone. You can get the phone number off the contact link on the home page.

Whether your interests are foreign language education, classical language, translation, intercultural issues, you have access to one another regardless of where you live. Also you can gain access for several networking opportunities in person and online.


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