Several posts ago, I discussed affordable ways of learning a language. One of the sites that I listed was LiveMocha. I have to apologize because when I posted the brief summary, I was misinformed about costs. Yes, there is a cost to taking the online courses but after a few months of playing around with it, I found a neat way to take courses for free.

I’m still learning my way around LiveMocha, but I will let you know what I find as I go along.

When you create your free account on LiveMocha, you have to option to take some sampler courses. These sampler courses are free. For each course you take, you receive Mochapoints. Now, these courses are usually a first unit course and you will probably be allotted a 3 day free trial in a particular language before they charge you. It does depend on which language because there are certain languages that have an intensive program like Spanish, French, German, Portuguese (Portugal), and a few others. After you have used up your free courses, you will will be allowed to complete vocabulary lessons and that’s it. Lessons per unit include Vocabulary/ Listening, Review, Writing, and a Speaking component. For those of you familiar with, you will notice it’s almost the same format. Languages include: English, Spanish, Italian, French, German, Arabic, Chinese, Portuguese,

Other ways you can earn points include critiquing other website visitors writing and speaking exercises and leaving instructional comments written and oral; creating flashcards, posting photos and / or stories related to your home language and culture; chatting with other site members in chat rooms will also aid in raising your points.

When you critique a member’s exercise, you will receive teacher points. Once you get to a certain number of points, your classes will be free!!

I must say that I have enjoyed my experience with LiveMocha so far. I have to brag that I was top English teacher of the week on two occassions. Sorry, I had to brag.

I love the feedback that I get for my Brazilian Portuguese exercises from native speakers. The one complaint I do have is there is no introduction of the alphabet.

If you are interested in checking out LiveMocha for yourself or your children, please bear in mind that although the purpose of this site is supposed to be educational, it is still a social network. With that, you may encounter the same problems that you get on Myspace, Facebook, or any chat room. So parents, if you are thinking about allowing your children to use LiveMocha, make sure you monitor them.


~ by animeheather on 05/03/2011.

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