Interpreting Reflection for Beginners

I remember back in 2004, I had just completed a second bout out of Spanish Literature and Culture course that I did not fare so well in a year earlier. I started hitting the pavement, looking for a position that would help me to develop my Spanish speaking skills. Mind you, I was obviously still a novice. My first job was with an independent translation company in Memphis. Mainly they worked with worker’s compensation clients. The owner gave me some good starting pointers, such as:

*familiarizing yourself with potential medical procedures ahead of time. There may be terminology with which you are not familiar with.

*It is more important that your English is on point

*If you can’t think of a word when speaking with your client, make gestures when speaking with them and they will give you a clue (this is true)

*keep detailed notes; make list of words that you had difficulty explaining;

The first year was the hardest but I did notice that I was becoming immersed in Spanish without traveling out of the US. Do not get me wrong – I WANT to travel outside of the United States and be fully immersed. My point in making this post is to show those who are language majors but do not have access to opportunities in which they could travel abroad that there are other ways to immerse yourself in a particular language in your own communities until you are able to travel abroad.


~ by animeheather on 18/02/2011.

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