Learning a Language Online I

Whether or not you are in a classroom setting, there are ways to learn and practice a language. Here is a short list below of websites that offer either free or affordable learning programs. More will be presented throughout the coming weeks:

Busuu (www.busuu.com): Busuu offers free and affordable programs depending on the level of study. Language programs offered include Spanish, English, Italian, Portuguese, French, German, and Russian. the site is set up much like Myspace or Friendster. Registration is free. You may sign up for four languages. The free language programs will provide you with vocabulary, writing exercises, listening and speaking exercises, and tests. All programs give students the opportunity to meet and chat online with native speakers of their chosen language. For exercises related to grammar, intensive study programs, and more advance studies may require the Premium membership. There are four subscription options for payment. Monthly ($21), Quarterly ($17), Semiannual ($13), and Annual ($8). Customers can buy grammar guides for $13.

*Estimated prices listed are converted from EURO to US dollars

Italki: (www.italki.com) Here is another site for language learners who want to meet native and / or other language learners. Unlike Busuu, members can find speakers of various languages, private teachers and tutors on Italki. Members can chat with one another, find documents, language programs, videos, and other learning materials for free here. If you are a language tutor or teacher, you can offer your services. Teachers, you have to at least have a degree.

Palabea: (www.palabea.com) This site is very similar to Italki. There are some differences; Palabea has virtual classrooms, videos, and you can create your own language learning files for other to read and / or download.

Spanishdict: (www.spanishdict.com) As the name implies this is a tool used for Spanish translation or works as a Spanish dictionary. However like most language dictionary sites, there are lessons programed into this site. In order to access these, you must register. Don’t worry, it’s free. Members can create their dictionaries or vocabulary lists. Flash cards are also available. And if you are Spanish speaker learning English, you may use the program to learn English.

About: (www.about.com) This is a general newsletter and consumer site that gives advice. However, they offer a daily newsletter in the following: Italian, Classic Greek, Latin, Spanish, French, Japanese, and English. The newsletters may include a word of the day, tidbits on grammar, and culture. About has programs for children.

CyberItalian: (www.cyberitalian.com) This online study program is not free. Yet you can get a 6 month membership for $39. This fee is for the self study program. There isan intensive program for members in need of a mixture of  and assisted study and self study for $239. Students will be provided with 6 private lessons that last an hour. They will also have access to all of the self study programs. CyberItalian is available on Facebook and Twitter with news and exercises.



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