Creating a Home Foreign Language Lab

Whether you are a tutor, a professional, home school teacher, or someone interesting in learning language away from the classroom, it’s good idea to keep a variety of materials on hand.

Therefore, creating a language learning library or lab (for those of you who have an apartment, house or office space for the home or the office is possible. You, the owner of this library/lab, can create the atmosphere seen on the college campuses. Many college and universities have language labs available for student use. Go to your local college or university to see what materials they keep on hand. These materials may include the following:

  • Grammar books
  • Language dictionaries
  • Thesauri in chosen languages
  • TV Series and Movies on DVD/VHS
  • Magazines and Newspapers
  • Music: CD, tapes, vinyl, etc of all genres
  • Materials related to culture
  • Computers equipped with language learning software, iTunes (for language podcasts), and WiFi(if possible)
  • Literature: novels and other books in different languages, history, comic books, children, young adult. etc
  • Access to radio programs where available

The list looks expensive but there are very affordable and free methods available. You can apply for a netflix account for access to movies. There are some television shows on YouTube and Hulu that are available. Some newspapers and magazines have websites available where you can read the latest issue online. If you have iTunes, there are programs about foreign languages and / or language learning.

Some other tips to help you along the way. Keep a notebook or a contacts list featuring local groups on, organizations that host cultural and / or multilingual events, professional tutors, or if you do not have access to a Meetup group or a tutor, there is always Craigslist and Yahoo. You can create a group on Craigslist and Yahoo for free and advertise meetings. However, if you have safety concerns with Craigslist, try Yahoo.

I hope this inspires some of you who are not in the classroom to see that you can make language real even if you are not in a classroom and are learning a language. The next post will talk about free and affordable language sites available for those of you who are unable to afford tutoring or the professional programs like Rosetta Stone.


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