Mapping the Language Industry (Taken from LinkedIn): Implications for American Language Industry

I came across this article on one of the LinkedIn language groups and if the United States were to take a cue from the European Commission, then I believe the way language is treated on the high school and college campuses would be much different than it is now. I remember when I started taking Spanish courses during my undergrad years. Most of the students that were enrolled were involved in education, law, medicine, and missionary work, and business. At the time, I was an art major and I still wonder to this day, where are the artists, writers, photographers, journalists, etc? I think about those nice Italian graffiti art magazines that I used to read and wonder what would the implications of merging foreign language study and art (fine, graphic, performance, etc) look like. I would like to see more foreign language programs reach out to other industries in the US.

To survey the languages in the United States may seem like a grand undertaking, but maybe it could publishers branch out and reach entirely new audiences. People interested in becoming translators in particular languages yet are unable to find work in using a certain language could have some direction in which part of the country would be suitable for them to start their careers.

I am attaching the link to this article from Translation News and see what you think.


~ by animeheather on 07/12/2010.

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