Educational Programs, Part I

Here is a list of education programs for anyone interested in language study. Here is a short list of some programs that some of you may be interested in:

Master of Arts Intercultural Studies – Union University
Ok, this is a shameless plug for the program that I am involved in but it’s a wonderful opportunity for students to see how culture is affected by everything we do, say, or think. There are 30 hours of core studies and then students will complete 12 hours of a professional component or an area of interest. Language, linguistics, and TESL majors are encouraged to apply. The core courses are taken at the Jackson, TN campus and then the 12 hours of component courses may be taken at a school of the student’s choosing.

Minerva Spanish School
Based in Quetzaltenago, Guatemala, this an intense Spanish immersion program for anyone interested in learning or improving on their Spanish. Students not only learn about the language but they will also learn about Mayan culture, ecology, politics, economics, and history. There are programs dedicated to Spanish teachers who want to teach Spanish as a second language and there is also a program that allows students to create their own curriculum. There is potential to receive college credit.

Master of Urban Education – Union University
An excellent opportunity for teachers who also have an interest in social justice. Students who enroll in this residency program (yes, I did just say residency) will work at one of two charter schools in Memphis, TN. They will also be paid a stipend. Teachers wanting to teach English or Spanish are encouraged to apply.

Language Liaison: Immersion Language Foreign Study Schools
Want your teen to have an opportunity to learn language in an authentic situation. This organization offers programs for German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Hungarian, Irish, Arabic, Chinese, and Spanish and other languages (there are 22 language programs in total). Students can travel to Rome, Barcelona, Rio de Janeiero, and other places for a full immersion experience.

Inter-University Program for Chinese Language Study
Brought to you by University of California at Berkeley, students will go to a partnering university in China and will be immersed in Chinese language and culture. Two years of study in Mandarin study is required.

Summer Workshop in Slavic, Eastern European, and Central Asian Languages
Based out of Indiana University in Bloomington, IN, this program offers programs for teaching methodology, ROTC participants, and anyone who is interested in Slavic,Eastern European, or Central Asian cultures. some of the languages offered include Russian, Arabic, Czech, Macedonian, Serbian, Polish, and Kazahk. Students who attend these workshops may also be treated to cooking demonstrations.

American Sign Language at Northeastern University
Boston’s Northeastern University has just received full accreditation for their American Sign Language program. Students will interact with both faculty members with either full hearing capabilities or Deaf. This program has opportunities for guided observations, practicum, and dual major programs for socio-cultural impact.

Classical Language Instruction Project
Princeton’s CLIP program instructs students in Greek and Latin through use of Prose and Poetry, and other forms of Classical Literature. In this program, classical language is not treated as an ancient dead language but rather as a language of expression.

Second Language Acquisition and Teacher Education
Based out of the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana, this interdisciplinary program pulls from education, language and culture studies, heritage language study, and research. Some of the languages of focus include Spanish, Italian, German, French, Portuguese, Slavic, and East Asian languages.


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2 Responses to “Educational Programs, Part I”

  1. I’ve read about this for weeks. laugh out loud.

  2. The Fox Cities premiere private language school Belanno will offer a Hindi summer language camp in downtown Appleton from August 3-14. The two-week adventure will take children ages five through ten on a tour of Indian language and culture.

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