Interesting Websites to Check Out Part 1

Today, I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some websites related to language and culture. Maybe you may find something you can find. Now, I’m now going to inundate you with a plethora of websites. So, I decided to keep it at least five sites and no more than 10. If you have a favorite website you want to post, post it up in the reply.

Council for the Development of French in Louisiana:
I have become fascinated with Cajun French (French dialect found in Louisiana) since I started listening to a Cajun & Zydeco radio program that comes on in Memphis on Wednesdays from 4p-6p (central time). If you have iTunes, you can pick it up as well, just go to the radio section and just search for WEVL 89.9 FM. CODOFIL is dedicated to the flourishing of Cajun French.

Radio Children:
This is an extremely fun website. It is a news program for children by children. It was created at a Montessori school in the United Kingdom. Some of the content may serve as inspiration for ESL or foreign language teachers looking for some innovative projects.

Ballet Folklorico Catumba:
Great for Spanish and French language and culture teachers and students, especially if you are planning a unit on Caribbean cultures. This is the home site of a Cuban dance Academy that has Afro-Cuban and Afro-Haitian influence.

Ballet Folklorico de Amalia Hernendez:
For students and teachers of dance, Spanish language, and culture, this would be an excellent site in learning about the history of Ballet Folklorico. This particular website is dedicated to Amalia Hernandez’s original school. Available in English and Spanish.

Bisher Rihani:
For teachers or students of Arabic, this website has all sorts of music from various Middle Easter cultures.

Magazine Duetschland
Anyone interested in German culture, may find enjoyment with this progressive magazine that focuses on business, wildlife, education, and culture. Available in English and German.

SOA Watch:
For those interested in social sciences, law, politics, and activism, check out the School for Americas Watch. Yes, this group is political in nature. Available in English and Spanish.

There are many other interesting links out there , so if you didn’t see something you like, give me time. I will post more soon. 🙂


~ by animeheather on 18/11/2010.

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