The Heritage Institute

Part of the purpose of the Language Today Project is to not just educate on issues related to methodology, teacher philosophy, technology, and issues that affect the classroom environment. I intend for this program to also inform readers about the various educational and professional development opportunities that may be beneficial in not just professional development but personal development.

Some of you may have an interest in more holistic or other alternative forms of teacher educational opportunities such as workshops or conferences.

The Heritage Institute, based out of Washington state, offers courses, seminars and workshops dedicated toward social change. They also have satellite campuses in Oregon and Canada They have a curriculum designed for all needs. There are courses for educators who teach ELLs and World Languages such as Communicating with Spanish Speaking Students and Parents, Ancient China: A View into Modern China, I CAN’T LEARN IF I DON’T UNDERSTAND: ESL & Language, WebQuests for Foreign Language Classrooms, Mexican Folk Dance & Hispanic Arts.

There are other courses that are just as equally interesting that cover assessment, school leadership, classroom management and addressing teaching in a pluralistic classroom with classes like Autism Puzzle, Discipline, School violence, Gang Attitudes and Actions, Fostering Responsibility, and Reducing Conflict. The Heritage Institute (THI) offers distance learning. Teachers who live far can take courses online.

If you are concerned about tuition, costs vary for each class. Price ranges per class are from $115-$415. there is even an opportunity for THI students to create their own independent study program whether it is travel (domestic and foreign), sports coach development, or for general education.

If you would like more information go to


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