Making Language Real Part 2 – Possible Career Fields

Career Field      Bilingual / Multilingual possibilities
Editor Access to writers, magazines, and newspapers inside and outside the United States will become more available.
Physical Therapist Think of construction workers who are from another country and need interpreting assistance when being given instructions by a therapist or if there is a health concern that the client has.
Nurse Case Manager You will be able to discuss concerns with client directly instead of relying on a translator that may or may not be interpreting the language correctly. This can affect communication with insurance companies.
*Researcher Have a topic that is going to deal with the international community and may require interaction with people who have limited English proficiency during your field studies? You are going to have to find a translator if you do not speak the language of a particular community. That’s if you can’t find anyone who can speak English
Farmer This may not make sense to some, but think of some of the migrant workers who do work on some farms. True, there may be a worker who is bilingual but to better serve your workers so that they can do the work necessary you need full communication on all ends.
Retail Retail may not seem as relevant to a bilingual, however, if you work in a retail area where there is a high volume of tourists from all over the world, you never know if all the tourists can speak a level of English where they can have their basic needs addressed.
Shelter Director Whether you serve a homeless population, refugee population, or domestic violence victim population (insert other form of social concern population here), imagine how a native English speaker feels when they are confronted with any of these issues due to certain circumstances. Now take that feeling and multiply it times 20. Some of these same issues are found in immigrant populations as well as Native American populations in the United States. A lack of resources in certain parts of the country and other issues like sexism, regionalism, racism, classism, insert your own -ism, or just plain ignorance can hinder their access in getting the assistance needed to start the process of getting their life back on track.  
Advocate Regardless of the label you attach to an advocate position, you are representing and educating a particular group regardless of language. If you are a victim’s advocate, you main concern is the victim’s rights and making sure that a victims knows their rights. Consumer advocates have to educate the public about the economy, buying trends, ethical businesses and products, and sanitary/safety issues.
Social Worker Just like our advocate, shelter director, and nurse case manager, you serve some interesting populations. Knowing a second language can serve you well, especially during home visits to a house in which the home language spoken isn’t English.
Graphic Artist Whether you are freelance or not, you not only deal with imagery, you also deal with text. Graphic artists in general (illustrator, designer, sequential artist) are expected to be aware of global issues and concerns. Knowing another language or at least having familiarity of a second language can enhance your designing skills, especially when working with text.
Advertising Having a familiarity of the language can allow you to work with other bilingual communities in creating culturally diverse ads and commercials.
Engineer Knowing a second language can get you a position in which you can travel to developing areas.
*Minister / Spiritual Leader If you live in an area where there may not be a minister (regardless of denomination) that can speak the languages of particular community. If you have a language background, you can serve as a spiritual guide to those of any faith.
Law Enforcement Doesn’t matter if you are a police officer, detective, FBI agent, DEA, or any other law enforcement agency, if there are no officers available that could work in a community where a foreign language is predominantly in use, then having some familiarity with the languages spoken will allow you to give assistance needed and you will have given a reason to show that immigration populations can trust law enforcement
Speech Therapist Knowing cultural differences in speaking may help in preventing confusion. For example, if you have a student from Spain learning to speak English, it’s a possibility that when they produce an s or z sound in English, it will come off as a lisp to someone who isn’t use to hearing a Spanish speaker. As a result that person may be misdiagnosed as having a speech impediment.
Linguistics Linguistics helps us to understand how a language is spoken and from where a person originates. It can be a study in socioeconomic status or region of origin. Even if you work in forensics, it can help you pinpoint language cultures in some criminal or civil cases.
*Archeologist When most people think of archeologists, we think of areas like Greece, Rome, Egypt, and other parts of the Middle East but what about other areas like in Mexico, Peru, Central Africa, etc that have had a history of ancient civilizations. Familiarity of language and or the particular cultures enrich not just your understanding of any findings you come into contact with.  
Reading Specialist Not many people think about learning disabilities and reading when thinking about immigrant populations. Having knowledge about how learning disabilities play out in foreign cultures can definitely help ease issues in their grasp of English literacy. Usually if a student has an issue with dyslexia in the L1 , it may be magnified in the L2. The same can be said for native English speakers learning to speak a foreign language. If they have problems in English, it will most definitely show up in some form of the second language

*Especially a good idea for anyone interested in Biblical and / or Classical Languages


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