Another change

Well, if you been reading along with the blog from the beginning, you may recall that I wanted to do 48 episodes a year. How unrealistic! So then I decided on 36 episodes. Ix-nayed that idea when I looked at my own personal list of topics. Then I figured 24 would be decent. Yes and no. It was my goal to get the ball rolling this summer on the project. Although schools will have summer sessions, I have serious doubts that there will not be much interest seeing that students may go on summer trips, are working and will have no time. I myself will be going back to work but will continue to set everything in order. It doesn’t make much sense to have an interest meeting in May to only wait 3 months for the first meeting.

As a result, I decided to go with a minimum of 12 episodes, at least for the first year. Now we if we can get away with doing 24, AWESOME!! Maybe the second year we can get away with doing 24 episodes.

Until then, i will work on other parts necessary (i.e. the handbook, the Proboards site, page, and position of interest surveys) and continue to fine tune the plan for this program.

There is something else I am thinking. This would make for a killer non-profit organization.


~ by animeheather on 02/04/2010.

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