I think I just had an A HA! moment. As I have been working towards making a podcast program possible, I had to come to a realization that I may need to start off with paper or ezine route. My laptop has kicked the proverbial bucket. So now my next step is to look up teachers that work in foreign languages/ ESL for the purpose of sending a brief survey in creating topics that teachers/ students are interested in discussing.

The next step afterwords, will be to set up a meeting for volunteers and continue to do research. The more I move with this, I am learning so much and am grateful for this experience. I can’t wait for the end results regardless if we actually start the podcast this summer or if we just have to have a website or proboards forum first.

So,here is a general breakdown of the plan as of now

I. Search grants/ find funding
II.Survey teachers/college students via email or in person
III. Advertise for Volunteers
IV. Prepare for Interest Meeting (prepare survey for Volunteers)
V. Interest Meeting
VI. Staff Volunteers according to interest
VII. First meeting


~ by animeheather on 23/03/2010.

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