First off, before I begin, I hope you had a wonderful holiday and awesome new years. I am still waiting to find out whether or not I will need surgery. I had a wonderful Christmas and New Years.

I have been thinking about the staffing. I figured that it would be best to find volunteers. Recruitment will be directed at college students(all levels-undergrad, grad, etc.) and high school students involved in organizations such Future Educators of America or foreign language clubs within in the Southwest Tennessee area (Shelby, Tipton, Fayette, Haywood, & Madison). I had thought about including college students in Northwest Mississippi and Central & Northeast Arkansas. I think it would be best to just start with West Tennessee, to see how the program development progresses.

As far as recruiting, I will send emails to local Universities and school boards. Emails will also be sent to private schools and homeschool programs.

When considering students and their interests for staffing purposes, I will be looking for students in the following areas of study: Education, Education Research, foreign languages/foreign language education, Teaching English as a Second Language, Intercultural Studies, Sociology, Broadcast Communication, Teacher Education, Psychology, Journalism, Advertising, Economics, Arts, Linguistics, Graphic Design/Multimedia, Literature, and History.

For the consideration of high school students, I will rely on recommendations from the high school teachers.

All students will have the opportunity to create their own reports for the program and website.

Staff Positions
Web Administrator
Program Schedulers
Program Director
Audio tech

That’s just a rough sketch of the staffing ideas that I have. As time progress, I will elaborate more in detail on the roles.

Laptop (I own one but it is on its last leg)
Audio Recorder
Recording software
Video Camera (?) I’m not sure that I will include videos with the podcast program or website

That is all for right now. Please feel free to post opinions, thoughts or ideas.


~ by animeheather on 08/01/2010.

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