In The Beginning II

Now that you know who I am and what I am proposing to take on, I think is it fair to go into more detail.

I am not sure if the program with run the full 52 weeks in the year or not. Seeing that the first episode has not been recorded, it is a little too soon to tell. What the plan involved for the first year is that the show would run 30 minutes once a week during the time that school is in session for most teachers.

Then again what I do have to realize is that there is such a thing as summer school and year round school program that meet. But then again, how many teachers that are not working in the summer would actually want to listen to a program related to education? I am going to assume that more teachers would listen from Fall-Spring.

I have considered doing a summer program with a one hour format that would air one or twice during the summer months. The themes of the program during the summer months would probably gear toward advancing student academic progress through home activities or through extracurricular programs or camps. This is not to say that 6 main topics from the first blog post will not be incorporated in the summer programs.

This is a big undertaking, I realize. And frankly, I know probably most of you dont have time to read a long article that can easily be broken up in bite size pieces to enjoy and digest. However, I do appreciate those who take the time to read this.


~ by animeheather on 15/12/2009.

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