In the Beginning


I guess I should introduce myself. My name is Heather Wallace from Memphis, TN. I am currently a student at Union Universiy in Jackson, TN. My degree will be a Masters of Arts in Intercultural Studies with a concentration in Teaching English as a Second Language. My BA was recieved from University of Memphis in Foreign Languages with a concentration in Spanish.

Language Today is my brainchild that I developed in my Curriculum Development class. There are some really nice podcasts dedicated to learning ESL and foreign language. However, I haven’t noticed that deal with curriculum and course planning as opposed to language learning. I must admit that I am more technologically disadvantaged than I lead on.

The original name of the project was TESL TODAY! but I came to a realization about language learning in general. There are issues that affect teachers and students not just in the foreign language classroom but also the ESL classroom. There are issues that need to be discussed in certain teacher education programs that may not be given much attention. ESL has its own special themes that need special focus. Another part of the original plan was to focus only the southern states, but then I realized that was a silly idea. If the same issues are found in the south, then they are everywhere.

So far, I have created at least 40 episoded dedicated to many issues such as:

*Education Policy and Program (No Child Left Behind, Montessori, Bilingual Education, Heritage Language Education, Adult Literacy, etc)
*Cultural Competency (war/militarism, human trafficking, domestic violence, gentrification,Cultural customs, tribalism/gang violence, literacy, CRT, etc)
*Teacher/Peer Networking (conferences, workshops)
*Media in the Classroom (Internet, movies, music, books, blogs, podcasts, radio)
*EFL/ Volunteer Opportunities
*Teacher Methodology (textbooks, role play, art, reading, discipline, organization, journals

I must admit, that some of the show’s themes may overlap. Episodes will be planned in 30 minute intervals to run once a week. I am hoping to learn how to actually create the podcast very soon. Everything is still in the brainstorming process while I deal with my health problems will should be gone by March or April. Then we will see where this goes.

Guests will be invited to participated in show either as interviewees or co-hosts. there will be a need for volunteers to help with technical stuff, interviewing, research, etc. There are other things that I am probably missing at the moment but we will deal with that when the moment comes.

Feel free to leave feedback suggestions…all that good stuff.
You may also email me at

Until next time.


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